Mint Hill Town Hall

Life and Landscapes through the Lens

April 13 – July 7

This Second Quarter MHA Exhibit at the Mint Hill Town Hall will present the work of three very talented and creative photographers.  Each brings his or her own thoughtful interpretation of everyday life and the world around us.


Jennifer Benton

Seeing life from the creative side Jennifer has always taken pictures, but in 2010 she started studying the art form of photography with a passion and has been pursuing it ever since. Now living in Monroe, Jennifer has been an active member of Mint Hill Arts since 2012.

She is documenting places in the countryside that won’t always be there. Plus making images of the very young or very old can just captivate the heart. Many of her images are black & white which takes the focus off the color and, if done correctly, puts it on the message in the photograph.

When asked to describe her work, Jennifer says simply, “I want to hear you catch your breath when you look at one of my photographs.”

Charles Shedd

Charles’ photographic career took a turn into the world of film making when he realized that a motion picture camera could capture hundreds of pictures at a time!  How cool was that?  However, at the end of the day, at the end of the years, none of those images ever made it to print: not into a book, not onto a wall…there was nothing to share.

Eventually he returned to his love of taking one picture at a time and creating small photographic offerings that he hopes people will enjoy.

Cristy Guthridge Kikkert


Cristy was born and raised in a small mid-western farming community where life was simple.   Her parents taught her the value of simple things and she learned to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary.  Once introduced to photography, Cristy began photographing nature and ordinary scenery that most take for granted.  (Her friends thought she was crazy to get up at 6:00 am when the fog had not yet fully burned off the Iowa farmland just to take pictures!!)

Although not formally trained in photography, Cristy always endeavored to “truthfully capture the feeling” of the places, people, and things that she found interesting by frequently using a different angle of view or literally seeing things in a different light.  Her hope is that you will be able to immerse yourself in the image that she captured and experience the “feeling” of the ordinary landscapes she finds so beautiful.

The show will open April 13 and run through the first week in July.  The public may view it weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  The gallery is located in the rear of the Town Hall, on both the first and second floors.