Mint Hill Town Hall

Mint Hill Arts is pleased to announce our 3rd Quarter exhibit at the Mint Hill Town Hall. The exhibit is titled “In Focus” and features the work of four award-winning photographers.

The Mint Hill Town Hall exhibit is in the back of the Town Hall on both floors, and will remain up until the middle of October. The public is invited to view it Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Frank Vasto is a local portrait and event photographer that loves capturing local wildlife. His focus on ethical wildlife photography is designed to develop an appreciation for local wildlife and its preservation. He researches his subjects to learn about their lifestyle and contributions to the greater ecosystem. Frank has found taking an interest in nature helps to develop a deeper appreciation for our relationship with others, our environment, and our planet. His photography is frequently recognized on Nextdoor, and found on Instagram and on his website:

Frank has developed a five-hour DSLR/EOS camera basics training course and a one-hour photo/wildlife presentation which he shares with nature conservancy groups. He also offers a workshop to those who have an interest in photography, learning about local wildlife, and a passion for animals.

Carlos Pelay is an amateur/enthusiast photographer and an active member of Mint Hill Arts.  Cuban born, New-Orleans raised, Carlos and his family have made Mint Hill, NC their home for the past 17 years. Carlos also works as a data analytics manager for a large hospital foundation based in South Florida. 

Carlos’ photography interests vary from landscape, streetscape, and portrait but street photography holds a special fascination for him.  About the photos submitted for the Mint Hill Town Hall exhibit, Carlos notes that:

 “This collection includes several portraits on the street as well as several made in airports during my travels over the past few years.  While not technically “in the street”, I’ve found airports are fertile environments for capturing a wide variety of people.  Travelers in solitude seem to especially draw my interest – whether lost in thought while waiting for their flights or absorbed by studying the departures board while crowds flow around them.  I also find the lighting can be dramatic with subjects standing near large pane windows during daylight transformed into silhouettes.”

From Scott Ferreira:

My love for photography began in the mid 80’s. Self-taught, I would shoot just about anything in sight (sometimes I still do). I burned through a lot of film trying to find my way.  I enjoy a wide spectrum of subject matter… from the built environment to the natural and everything in between.  In my work I try to create images with simple yet engaging compositions.   

I love to travel or hit the back roads and explore.  You never know what you’ll find… that’s part of the excitement.  I am an image seeker and photography allows me to explore new things anywhere I go… or anywhere it takes me.

You can view Scott’s work at and on Instagram @scottferreiraphoto

Steve Jimenez (Saje Photos) uses naturally occurring and/or produced angles of light and shadow to creates images ranging from still life & landscapes, to creative environments. 

Between the years of 1978 -1994, Steve used dodging and burning techniques in the darkroom to create visual separation, reveal texture, and expose hidden life within objects and or environments. In the mid-90’s, he came up with more creative ways of producing these same characteristics, but using varying light sources and similarly, but differing digital dodging and burning techniques. The photographs he exhibits and sells today are examples of those techniques he currently uses.

Steve Jimenez is a photographer that uses varying angles of light and shadow to reveal texture, depth, and color, which when blended creatively exposes the beauty hidden within the simplest of living and non-living objects contained in an environment.