Mint Hill Town Hall

The new Mint Hill Arts quarterly exhibit at the Mint Hill Town Hall is titled “Indian Roots”. It features the work of two talented Indian/American artists, Rupam Varma and Santvana Anju Jain.

Much of their work is in the form of Indian Folk Art. The traditional art of Mithila Painting is an ancient art form originating in Mithila region in Bihar (India) that depicts people with bulging eyes and sharp noses. The intricacy and the beauty of this art is the details that can be seen in the background. It is drawn freehand style using fine lines and vibrant colors.

Symbols and motifs are often used and have their own importance and significance. Sun and Moon present themselves as witnesses to long life. Peacock and fish are symbols of love and prosperity. Lotus flower denotes good luck and feminine energy, and the bamboo depicts masculine energy. These symbols and motifs are part of art practiced in wedding ceremonies, festivals (e.g., sun worship – “Chhath”), rituals (e.g., tonsure ceremony – “Mundan”) and in daily activities.

We hope you will come in and view this exhibit and experience some of the beauty and culture of India as seen through the eyes of these two artists. The exhibit will be up until mid-July and can be viewed during regular business hours Monday through Friday. The gallery is in the back hall of the Town Hall upstairs and downstairs.