Romie and Judy Mizell Photography Show Award Winners!

Mint Hint Arts is proud to announce the winners of the Romie and Judy Mizell Photography 2022 Show! We thank all participants for their time and applaud all who made this showing a success. Come see all the beautiful photos in the Gallery! Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 12 noon – 3 p.m.

1st Place‘Hey Doll’Jennifer Benson Benton
2nd Place‘Oh Susanna, The Adventures We Had’Joan C. Thomson
3rd Place‘A Practice in Patience’Patrick Vaca
Honorable Mention‘Fozzy the Dandy Lion’Alyssa Haight
Honorable Mention‘Reflection’Debra Joyce
Honorable Mention‘Pumpkin in Window Sill’Peter Bonney 
Honorable Mention‘Hore Abbey’Jay Alexander