“One Man Show”

Artist David McGee

Mint Hill Town Hall
Now through April 2, 2018
Open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Current President of Mint Hill Arts, David McGee, has a One Man Show at the Mint Hill Town Hall. To see the exhibit, enter from the front of the building and go to the Rear Gallery. The exhibit is upstairs and downstairs.

David Luther McGee was born in North Carolina and studied Art at East Carolina University majoring in Sculpture and Painting. He received his teaching degree at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  He recently retired as art teacher at Clear Creek Elementary School and is now the president of Mint Hill Arts.

He is primarily a landscape artist and he frequently focuses on the ever-changing landscapes in the southeastern United States.  At times he also includes the people associated with these scenes.  His work incorporates the influences of both European and American painters among whom are Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Singer Sergeant, Richard Schmid and John Howard Sanden.

When asked to describe his work, David says simply, “I try to paint my happy thoughts.”